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How to have a nice lawn on a budget?

Dec 27


A beautiful, healthy lawn does not have to cost a lot. It's possible to keep your garden looking great well into the fall without spending too much.


How to maintain your lawn on a tight budget. Yard work in Georgetown will give you a few tips and tricks to help you maintain a lush lawn that will make your neighbours jealous.

1. Keep Your Lawn Beautiful

Although this may seem obvious, many people believe they need to hire a professional from a lawn and yard work company to have a beautiful lawn. The costs can quickly add up during the summer, and the average homeowner spends a lot on lawn care.

You can maintain your lawn yourself for a fraction of the cost and with very little effort. To have a green and healthy lawn, you only need a few basic tools and supplies.

2. Do not over-mow your lawn

You can make your lawn more vulnerable to many problems if you cut it too short. These problems include drought, heat, scorching, and weed growth. Your lawn should be at least two inches in length throughout the year. You can easily maintain this length by adjusting the height of the cutting deck on your lawn mower. This option is available on most mowers.


You can save even more money by using a cordless electric lawn mower. It doesn't require gas to operate and uses very little electricity. These machines can cut grass as well as their gas-powered counterparts.

3. Fertilize Twice Per Year

To jump-start your lawn's growth and prepare it for winter, you need to feed and hydrate it. The application of fertilizer can control weed growth, repair any damage to the roots, promote healthy growth, and protect them from future problems.


An organic-based fertilizer can be purchased at hardware stores, nurseries, and plant shops. You can maintain your lawn with a light application in spring and autumn.

4. Fertilizers you can make yourself

It is costly to buy one bag of fertilizer, especially if you need several bags to cover your entire property. It's possible to make your fertilizer mix at home for a fraction of the cost. You can also make larger quantities.


For excellent fertilizer, a freshwater fish aquarium can be used to pour water on your lawn. You can also use eggshells and Epsom salts as fertilizer. Remember that less is always more.

5. Avoid Watering Too Much

Overwatering your lawn is easy. Overwatering your lawn can cause weak grass and make it more susceptible to other diseases. You could also end up paying more for your water.


A key to a lush lawn is to water less often but for longer periods. Your lawn should receive approximately one inch of water per week.

6. Make and use your insect spray

Many store-bought sprays for insect problems can contain toxic chemicals that could be harmful to your pets, family members, and the environment. It's possible to make your insect sprays without the use of harsh chemicals. This is also more economical.


A mixture of soap and water can repel whiteflies, mites, and aphids. Mixing equal amounts of fresh garlic, cayenne pepper, and water can repel cabbage loopers and deter them.

7. Every year, aerate your lawn twice

Aerating your lawn can provide many benefits to your lawn. Aeration allows air to reach the roots of your lawn, aids in nutrient absorption, and improves water penetration.


To prepare your lawn for winter, you should aerate it twice a year: once in spring and again in fall. Aerating machines can be rented for a low price. You can also split the cost with a neighbor to save even more.

8. Get rid of the lawn with plants

Are you too busy to maintain your yard all summer? By putting in borders and flower beds, you can reduce the amount of space that you need to maintain and upkeep.

You can add a ground cover to areas that aren't ideal for grass growth or mulch plants. Mulch is a cost-effective way to give your lawn texture and color. Mulch can be purchased in many colors and will help retain moisture.

9. Let the Grass Clippings Do All The Work

You might be tempted to pick up the grass clippings if you don't own a bag attachment for lawn mowers. These lawn clippings can do some of your fertilizing work. These clippings can be used as natural fertilizer or mulch. These clippings encourage healthy lawn growth and help retain moisture.

10. Do not mow twice the same way

Mow your lawn in a different direction each time. This will allow you to expose your grass's sides to the elements. This method reduces matting and reduces the chance of you getting ruts. Because the soil is less compacted, you will notice a greener lawn and fewer weeds.


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