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How much does it cost to have your lawn mowed?

Dec 27


Are you too busy to mow your lawn? On average, lawn-mowing costs range from $48 to $110 with homeowners spending $130.


  • Typical Price Range: $48 - $210
  • Average National: $130


Maintaining a healthy lawn takes hard work. Many homeowners hire Affordable yard work in Georgetown ky to keep their lawns healthy and vibrant. Angi estimates that the average lawn-mowing expense is between $48 and $210 with the national average of $130. The size of the lawn is the biggest factor in determining the overall cost. 


The lawn-cutting service will cost more if there is more grass to cut. Additional services such as installing the new lawn and fertilizing leaf cleanups, edging, watering, laying sod, or seeding will increase the lawn-service costs.


Factors for Calculating Lawn-Mowing Cost

Many factors affect the average cost of lawn care in your local area. Prices will vary depending on the size, shape, availability, health, and condition of your lawn.

Lawn Size & Shape

A professional lawn mower will cost you between $48 and $210 depending on how big or small your lawn is. For smaller yards and spaces with large landscaped areas, expect to pay between $0.01-$0.05 per square foot. 


The pricing will be lower if the area is rectangular, square, or flat. Prices for mowing a 10-acre area are $150 to $200, $250 to $350, 350 to 500 for 2 acres, and $450 to $650 respectively. For 5 acres, $500 to $750 is required, for 10 acres the price ranges from $500 to $750. Prices per acre for lawn care are higher than those per square foot. This is because the cost per acre often includes extra time and gas.

Lawn Accessibility

Mowing areas that are unusually shaped or sloped or have trees, shrubs, or other water features will be more difficult and cost more. Mowing will cost more if many areas need trimming or the area is difficult.

Lawn Health and Condition

Lawn services cost will vary depending on how healthy and well-maintained the lawn is. It will cost more to have it weeded, reseeded, lawn fertilization, or fertilized to keep it in top shape. It takes effort and time to maintain a healthy lawn.

Type of Grass and Length

Your yard's type will also impact the amount of care required to keep it healthy and vibrant. A company of lawn and yard work professionals will be able to tell you how often to mow your grass type and suggest a watering schedule that is appropriate for your area. To keep your grass healthy, you should only remove the top third of the grass blade. Weekly mowing might be necessary during high-growth times.

Mowing Frequency

There is no one right way to mow lawns. However, you must mow your lawn according to what type of grass you have and how fast it grows. Different grass types grow at different speeds in different climates and geographic locations. The best way to maintain a healthy lawn is to trim the top third of the grass blades when you mow.


Yard work in Georgetown charges between $25-60 per hour. However, some companies may charge a flat fee to cover labor expenses.