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Consider This When Dealing with Dying Trees

Oct 12

Trees, like all other animals, can occasionally become ill. An average tree can live more than 100-years, but there are many things that can decrease its longevity. Other than stress, changing weather conditions can also affect tree health. It also includes the diseases and pests which can make it sick.
Trees are an essential component of the environment. For your tree to be healthy, you should consult a tree expert. Here are some tips to help you determine if your tree may be in danger and what you should do.

How to save dying trees

Find the root cause of your problem

Before you attempt to fix the problem, it is crucial to understand what the root cause is. There are many signs that indicate your tree is unhealthy. Some of the signs are brittle wood, lack of lush leaves, and areas beginning to decay.

It can be hard to determine the root cause. Arborist Round Rock is often called upon to identify the problem. They are qualified to diagnose the problem and recommend what can be done to correct it.

Get rid of the watering issue

Most trees get sick from excess moisture. This is more common with younger trees than it is with older ones.

Make sure you have good drainage so that it doesn't happen. You should also make sure that there are no water-logging issues. An automated system can be set up to assist you if time is tight.

Add the right mulch

Mulch can be very beneficial to trees, provided that it is used correctly. However, too much mulch or not enough can lead to damage. Mulch should only be used around the base of trees. You can also keep it at three inches to see if the mulch is sufficient.

If the mulch is too thick around the tree, you can remove it and thin it. The mulch will let the roots breathe. It will prevent it from rotting and attract harmful insects.

Apply fertilizer

Fertilizer can be another way to keep your plant healthy. It is important to use the right amount of fertilizer to give your tree all the attention it requires. You should also avoid spraying the fertilizer or placing it in close proximity to trees. Before you decide that a sick tree should be given fertilizer, test the soil.

Prune it

You should also ensure that your tree is properly trimmed so that you are able to save a dying tree. If you find diseased plants around a healthy tree, it is important to remove them and save the tree. Call a professional Round Rock tree service provider to remedy the matter.        



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