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Some Good Tips to Help You Protect Your Trees

Oct 10

The first few years after planting a tree are the most critical. Therefore, it is so important to learn how to water your tree properly to allow it to thrive.

You can learn how to prune, stake, wrap and manage your newly planted tree. Knowing how to do these things will help you take care of your tree better.

Some basic tips for caring for a young tree


Do not overdo anything, especially when you're dealing with a young tree. Arborist Bend OR Experts advise that you should leave your tree alone for the first twelve-months, except when you remove dead or broken branches. Remember to divide your tree into three sections when pruning. The roots comprise the first three-quarters of the tree, while the trunks make up the remainder. The foliage is the last third. It is possible for the plant to die if there is too much foliage. To produce food, trees also need foliage. Exercising too many can lead to stress. It may take several years for the lower limbs to disappear.


For wind protection, people tend to place their trees on the northwest end of their property. But even at this angle wind can still cause it to become dry. If the trees are planted on the southeast end of the property, the sun's excessive heat can cause damage to the bark, especially if the trees are not protected. You should plant your tree in accordance with your landscape conditions to avoid it getting damaged. For example, oaks and poplar are susceptible to sunscald so it's important to plant your tree in a location that will allow it to thrive.


It is a good idea if you add at least three layers mulch to keep weeds out of the young tree's root. Not doing so will only lead to weeds taking the moisture and nutrients from your tree. Mulching adds another layer of protection to your tree.
String trimmers could cause bark damage and protect it from these.


Staking doesn't have to be a necessity in every circumstance. It can give your young tree stability, but it is not necessary if they are young and weak. A rubber collar made from hose ends is a good option if your tree requires one. It will help protect the tree's bark against the metal guide war. You should also make sure that the wire is not placed above the crotch in order to ensure it doesn't slip.

A memorable experience is watching your tree grow from a seedling. It is important to do everything you can to help it grow. While it may take years to see your tree fully grown, you can still look at it growing and feel a connection to it.


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