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What happens to roots after stump grinding?

Oct 5

You have made the difficult decision to remove the large tree from your yard. Although you know that professionals are required to safely do the job, you still need to learn about what to do with the stump after the tree is gone. There are two options. There are two options. You can either leave the stump as it is or remove the whole stump and all its roots. Stump grinding is another option. For more details, read Tree Stump Grinding Tips. Each option has its pros and cons, as well as implications for what happens to the roots in the process. 

You can leave the stump in place

After the tree has been cut down, the stump will remain above the ground. The tangle of roots below the soil can also be visible. It may seem the easiest option to leave it in place. The main tree is now gone. This presumably solves the problem that caused you to decide to remove it. This might not be the best option. Learn more, Stump Grinding vs Removal.


It can be a problem if you leave the tree standing in your yard. It can be an eyesore, or at the very least, a nuisance. The stump can also pose a danger to children playing, and could cause them to trip. A stump can be a problem when it comes to lawn care. If there are roots above the ground, a weevil may need to cut the grass. Worst, the roots and stump can eventually become homes for termites or carpenter bugs. They may also be found in other structures like your home or deck.

Stump Removal

There are two options when it comes tree stump removal. You can have it "removed" using heavy machinery (typically a Bobcat), and may cause damage if roots spread across your property. The stump of the tree and all its roots are removed from the ground. Second, and most preferred, is "grinding", which involves using a grinder in order to remove the stump completely. Tree stump grinding is different from tree removal. It only removes the stump and leaves the roots as they are.

What is the maximum distance you can grind a stump?

You might be wondering if the stump will be removed from the ground if it is being ground. Yes, but it depends on how deep you grind the stump. While some machines can grind stumps as deep as 18 inches, professional like Taylor Total Weed Control, stick to the industry standard. The stump is then ground until it is gone.

What happens to roots when they are ground?

What happens to roots if stump grinding is used to remove the stump and its roots, but regular stump removal does not work? Are they able to reseed? Many homeowners ask this question when they want to have a stump taken out. After the stump is removed, the roots can not reseed. The roots will gradually start to deteriorate. Some people may panic thinking that there will be a huge hole in the ground after the roots die, but this is not something to worry about. Roots will eventually die into the soil, leaving no vacuum. This is a slow process that can take several dozen years. There shouldn't be any concerns.