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How deep should you go when grinding a stump?

Oct 5

You will need to grind tree stumps that are on your property. This is the best way for your property to look neat and tidy. You can also make your property safer. How deep can you grind the stumps to get the best results? How far can you actually grind them?


Generally, stump grinders will grind stumps below ground level to a depth of 4 to 6 inches, but stump grinders can go further. Some stump grinders can go as deep as 13 to 20 inches below the ground. Others, such as vertical stump grinders can reach as far as 62.5 inches below grade.

Why can't you grind deeper?


Stump gone If cutting equipment is too close to these lines, they can be damaged. If a stump is found at the property's front, footpaths could be damaged. Garden beds and fences can also be damaged by vibrations from large machinery or blades.


Tree service providers don't often have to use all of the depth of a stump grinder because stumps aren't as deep below the ground. There are a few things that could prevent stump grinders from reducing their maximum depth. We'll list some of these. Insurance is also available for professional arborists or Budget Tree Stump Grindings to cover accidental damage caused by stump grinding and tree removal. The type of grinder you use will affect the depth at which you can grind your stump.


It is difficult to crush stumps against fences, retaining walls or buildings. Professional stump shredding companies will use multiple methods to locate the depth of cables or pipes so that there is no danger of injury.

What is the best stump grinding depth?

Tree stumps can be ground anywhere from 4" to 6 inches below the surface. This grinding depth offers the best balance between efficiency and grinding costs. Additionally, most stumps don't extend below 6 inches from the ground.


While stump grinding companies will be happy to grind deeper stumps, they may charge more. But, it doesn't mean that you have unlimited grinding depth.


What Happens When You Remove the Stump from Your Garden?


Georgetown Tree Service has the ability to clear a site as if it had never been home to trees. The stump is then mulched, filled with soil, and left to dry. You can have the mulch from the stump removed at a modest additional cost.