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Tree Removal - Don’t DIY, Call a Tree Service

Sep 2

Trees are earth’s lungs. Without them, the whole planet would cease to exist. Whether it’s oxygen for us or shelter for animals, their benefits are endless. 

They don’t just create a better environment for everyone to live in, but their influence captures economical, social, and communal benefits as well. Sadly, we are slowly witnessing a decrease in trees.

Currently, our world has around 3 billion trees, which is half as many as 12,000 years ago. But as much as we want to keep trees around, there are some cases when we simply must turn to tree removal.

The Bad Inside The Good

Scientists say that because of the current climate change, we should move forward with tree removal in some areas where the trees are denser. This way, we can ensure a more optimal environment for them to grow in, meaning there will be more water and space for them to thrive. 

What we can take from this is that there are some situations when cutting a tree down or relocating it is much appreciated. For example, trees are known to be a magnet to pests. Similar to having a disease, trees attract many pests and rodents. That is why it is not advised to have them planted near your home - seeing that it would be much easier for them to enter it and do massive damage.

We can also include here the roots. Some trees can have roots that stretch all over the yard. This would interfere with other plants’ growing and even your pipelines - especially with potential leakage going on.

Putting to the side the fact that trees grow slower than any other plant, day by day the price of trees is going higher. With around $200 per tree, planting becomes harder and this brings along other disadvantages - less oxygen production, fewer habitats, etc.

Tree removal in Apopka Florida

Reasons Why Tree Removal Matters 

Everyone knows the pros that we gain from planting trees, but we also must acknowledge the fact that sometimes it is best to remove a tree. 

Below is a list of the most common reasons why we need to proceed with tree removal:

Death of the tree - it shouldn’t come as a surprise that trees have a limited lifespan. In many similar situations, trees are left to their own devices, but we don’t know whether that can cause harm down the line. The truth is, something as simple as a broken branch can easily do damage.

Bad positioning - if the tree is leaning to one side then it is more susceptible to fall when the weather conditions are unfavorable. And in case it is too close to a house or any other building, it would also mean potential property damage. So, removing a tree or switching its position can save you hours of manual trouble.

Disease - every plant can contract a disease. In those situations, we either find a way to bring them back to life with different products. Or, we simply turn to cut them down. If you don’t mend this tree situation, then you are at the doorstep of a wealth of other problems. 

What to Look in a Tree Service Provider

There are many tree service companies and all of them offer different help regarding your tree problem. Mostly, tree service companies give out removing trees as well as trimming, inspections, tree transplanting, and other types of maintenance - annual or biannual.

Although everyone can do some of this maintenance by themselves when it comes to bigger problems it is best to hire a good tree service. However, this field is a vast ocean, so finding the right company is challenging. 

Before taking a pick, you first need to pinpoint the problem you have. Do you need a simple trim, pruning or the issue is something far greater? When the root of the problem is found, only then can you look for a tree service. 

Checking the services a company offers is important - but relying on just that information is not going to give the real picture. Thus checking reviews of that specific tree service company and asking around is a better way to ensure you found a firm of quality. 

If you come in contact with an arborist that is licensed and insured, then you know you have stumbled upon a solid provider. However, it is advised that you first check their licenses and make sure that it is valid and accredited. 

When this last step is finished, all that is left is to contact them and arrange a meeting. Describe your problem to them and see how much it would cost. Nowadays, the prices for tree removal are between $150 - $2,000.

Don’t Bark Up the Wrong Tree -  Apopka Tree Pros Can Help! 

If you are in  Apopka, Florida, and need a tree service company to fix any of the numerous tree problems - then we are at your disposal. 

Insured and licensed, we are ready to tackle any tree problem you may have.

Whether from Apopka, Orlando, Winter Park, Maitland or Altamont Springs Florida, we have you covered! 

Needless to say, we renew our licenses regularly so you can rest assured that safety is our priority - for us and you! Our equipment is up-to-date and prepared for any task you give us. 

Moreover, our services don’t stop at tree removal. Trimming, dealing with damaged trees, and emergency work - these are some of our long list of offers! 
We understand the effect trees have on the whole planet, thus we are dedicated to providing proper care to those in need. 

For a tree-issue-free experience and a through-and-through service - our trained professionals are open to any questions you may have!

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