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Here are some winter tree care tips that all should be aware of

Apr 11


Chicago and its surrounding suburbs aren't immune from freezing winters. As the snow starts to fall over your home or workplace, it's vital to monitor the health of your trees. The frigid winter temperatures can cause your trees to feel stressed, which could result in a number of costly issues down the line.

At our tree removal service in Georgetown, Service Our arborists have a deep understanding of the numerous challenges of Midwest winters. We can help ensure your yard or landscaping is taken care of this winter. From tree pruning to tree removal and trimming, we will take care of all of your commercial and residential tree services requirements.


This blog will cover how to maintain your trees during winter so you can ensure your trees remain healthy this winter.


Tree Cold Stress

Did you know that freezing winter temperatures can cause stress to trees? There are many forms of stress caused by cold. It is usually caused by a sudden temperature change between nighttime high and daytime low. The stress is usually evident on the bark as well as on the inside of the tree. It can appear in the form of cracks (due to frost).


Winter Drought

Certain trees in Illinois such as evergreen trees can dry out in the winter months. The trees that suffer from drought have to remove more water from the ground than they absorb. This condition can be exacerbated by windy weather.


Broken Branches

Broken tree branches may result from snow and hail that can create a danger to the family members and you. Tree branches are very vulnerable to breaking during winter, especially for deciduous trees, or trees that shed their leaves every year. These types of trees may be extremely brittle during the winter months, but with the right tree care from Tree Service, you can prevent this danger of winter.


Rodent Infestation

As winter approaches rodents, including mice and rabbits, will start to hunt for food. As food supplies become scarce, these critters will have no problem chewing the bark off the trees and causing damage in the winter months when they are at their most vulnerable.


Structural Pruning

If you've got younger trees in your yard, you might need to engage an experienced tree service company to come and structurally prune your trees. This is the process of trimming diseased and crossed branches. While one diseased branch may not seem like an enormous problem right away, however, if you keep the branch in the tree, it'll grow larger and more infected with the disease over time.

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