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Tree Service Belleville IL Professionals

Apr 2

Trusted tree care professionals serving the St. Louis Metro-East Area

Are you worried about your home's safety because of the massive size of the trees? To remove safely and effectively dangerous trees or limbs from your property, call the local tree services. We offer a variety of tree-care services within the St. Louis Metro-East Area which includes St. Louis County, Belleville and Cahokia, Collinsville and Columbia. As a family-owned enterprise, we recognize the importance of these vital services to our local community. Our team also has more than 20 years of expertise to best serve you and understand what is required to ensure complete customer satisfaction. Contact The STL Tree Pros today for tree removal!


Tree Service Belleville IL Professionals

St. Louis County residents and those living in the St. Louis Metro-East know that they can count on the STL tree professionals for all their tree-related needs. We operate with licensed and insured contractors that employ a team of trained professionals when working at any home or business. We are proud to offer an array of services to this area. We provide:

  • Complete Tree Maintenance

  • Tree Removal

  • Trimming Tree Trimming

  • Tree Shaping

  • Stump Removal

  • Stump Grinding

  • Storm Damage Removal


Complete Tree Maintenance

All people in the St. Louis region love trees. What happens if something harming the health of trees? Are you aware of what to do? Here at The STL Tree Pros, we have arborists who are certified and know how to offer complete tree care to ensure the best development and health of all types of trees native to the area.


Tree Removal

From large root systems that damage your sewer lines to massive branches that threaten your home In some cases, it is sensible to take down a tree. We offer tree removal services that are secure and efficient, but won't harm your landscaping. Commercial and residential customers, we can handle trees of any size. For a complimentary consultation regarding your tree removal needs Please contact us.


What is the price of the removal of trees in St. Louis cost?

It's not a simple task to give you an estimate of the project. There are a great number of factors to consider when the calculation of the cost for tree removal in St. Louis. One of these factors that is important to consider is how easy the tree is. There could be the expense of removing your tree is within a backyard enclosed by a fence. Tree removal is a risk and it is essential to carry out a risk analysis to ensure the security for all those involved. There's a great probability that tree removal is going to require a good quantity of crew members as well as significant amounts of time to complete the removal. We also consider the distance between power lines. In certain situations, if the tree is at high risk of causing damage to power lines, it might be beneficial to call your local utility company to inquire if they are able to visit and remove the trees near the power line. The tree removal cost St. Louis is much cheaper if the company can help. Another factor is considered is determining if the tree actually required to be removed or if trimming the tree is a better option. In many instances homeowners believe that a tree is dead and request us to take it down the tree. When we arrive at the tree, we can see the tree very healthy and in good condition, but it could need some trimming. This could save you money as well since tree trimming is obviously much less of a workload. Call us today to get the free estimate for your tree trimming project!

Stump Grinding and Removal

Are you tired of having to mow stumps in your yard? Are you tired from tripping over and damaging toes? To ensure the safety of everyone make contact with our office to schedule a stump grinding or stump removal appointment. Our professional team is equipped with a stump grinder to raise the stump. This allows you to walk, ride, or cut right through the stump. We also provide a full stump removal service . Contact us to arrange a meeting!  You can also come learn more on our website:

The STL Tree Pros

Address:  2728 Hickory Street, St. Louis MO 63104

Phone:  855-404-3947