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Mar 13

There are many reasons why you might want to take down a tree on your property. What about the stump that was left behind by the tree's fall? The client can choose to have the stump completely removed or ground into fine art, depending on their preference.

These are just some of the reasons stump grinding services in Georgia can be used to remove stumps from your property.

1. Pests can find refuge in stumps

It takes time for stumps and roots to decay and rot. Termites, beetles, and ants can spread from the wood to other parts of your yard. Although termites may initially be attracted to the stump, they will spread to other areas of your yard and eventually your home. If termites get into your home, you could be charged a high pest control fee.

2. Your yard is full of stumps

Let's face it, stumps are ugly. Stumps can sit in your yard taking up valuable space and possibly decreasing curb appeal. Large stumps can obstruct space that could be used to create a landscape bed, or another outdoor living area. Even a small stump can pose problems when you're mowing your lawn. This adds an additional obstacle to your ability to navigate the lawn and makes it difficult to mow.

3. Stumps could pose a danger

A stump can be a problem if you are running or walking on your lawn. If children or animals trip over a stump, they could sustain serious injuries. The combination of insects and the strength and hardiness of the wood can cause serious injuries. If guests trip over the stumps, they could become liable. When you mow your lawn, a stump can cause severe damage to your mower and edger.

4. Stump grinding is less painful than stump extraction.

It can be difficult to remove the entire stump because it requires digging out the root and stump. Property owners with septic tanks may find this a problem. Roots can become stuck to drain field pipes. Georgetown Tree Service uses a stump grinder to turn the stump into wood chips. The wood chips can be used to mulch stump grinding, which is an environmentally-friendly option. The roots will remain in the ground but eventually will decay.

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