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How to Start a Career as an Arboriculture Specialist

Mar 2

How to Start a Career as an Arboriculture Specialist

Arborist, Baumpflegerin, or arborists are all terms that can be used to describe professionals who work in the arboriculture industry. Arboriculture is practiced worldwide in all its many forms.

Arboriculture is the study and cultivation of trees, shrubs, and vines. It covers everything from choosing the right plant for a specific site to caring for them over their lives and even removing them when needed.

No tree can survive in a bubble. However, we as arborists place great importance on each tree. It is this focus on individual trees that separates arborists from foresters. In other words, the arborist's primary role is to remove the forest from the tree. There are many tasks involved in caring for trees, such as planting, pruning trees, diagnosing and treating them, and then removing them when needed.

These are the fundamental requirements for all work phases:

  • Being safety-conscious.
  • Understanding the science and background of the subject matter.
  • Ability to accomplish the task in a precise manner.

As long the trainee approaches each task with curiosity and humility, and a positive outlook, we can help them become a competent arborist.

What Makes A Good Arborist?

Tree work is inherently dangerous. Arborists can mitigate these dangers if they approach their work with care. To be successful on a tree crew, you must be alert and have a healthy sense of self-preservation. Due to the inherent dangers of tree care, it is not a good idea to do it alone. Instead, you need to work in a team. When things get stressful or long hours are involved, collaboration and teamwork are essential. The satisfaction of seeing the outcome of your hard work at the end of a difficult project is hard to match.

Tree Trimmers Kansas City employs a scientific approach for all aspects related to tree care. Our recommendations are based on the most recent understanding of tree pathology and tree physiology. We also use industry-standard Best management practices to guide our work. It isn't necessary to have a similar degree. However, it can provide a foundation for those who are interested in learning the trade. What's more important is curiosity and a desire to learn about trees, and the most pressing issues affecting them. Many arborists have learned all they know from self-study as well as attending continuing education seminars. These include our two ISA Board Certified Master Arborists.

It is difficult to work. It's extremely technical and physically demanding. It can also be very satisfying. There are few other professions that offer the same level of satisfaction. Tree climbing can feel like an art form in motion. It can also make operating hydraulic equipment look like it is part of the operator. The most successful arborists are people who can be resilient and understand that learning the skills is a long process.

How Can I Become an Arborist?

It is common to start a career with arboriculture in the beginning stages. A trainee arborist should develop situational awareness at work sites, learn to safely use tools and equipment, and be able to identify trees. The skills required to be an arborist are rare and cannot be taught in a college classroom. For aspiring arborists to progress in their careers, it is crucial that they receive hands-on training. Particularly important for trainee arborists, who want to work high above the ground using ropes or aerial lifting equipment.

Tree Trimmers Kansas City uses Tree Care Industry Association’s Tree Care Academy Career Pathway, which supplements our in-house training programs and provides the knowledge and skills needed to effectively work as an arborist with a tree trimming and removal crew.

Tree Care Academy is a series that includes online coursework and on-the-job skills checks. Tree Care Academy allows us to meet all OSHA and ANSI requirements. It can also be used to provide the foundation for future safety training as well as career-long, continuous skills development.


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